Mechanical and Process Engineering Portal and Platform

For visitors to the web directory this functions as a Portal to Verified Suppliers which are matured and would like to build a relation. 

For the exhibitors, KommaTrade is more like a Platform where we exchange information and prepare them for digital international export performance. 


You will mainly find small and medium-sized producers from emerging markets, which we have audited, trained for export and are still developing with various support activities. The whole mechanical and process engineering sector is covered from near-net-shape forming to process and power distribution equipment. 


Any visitor has free access to company’s website, telephone, email and contact person’s name without any registration or obligation. You are invited to make use of this free and valuable information for your own benefit. 


As promoters of the presented companies, we can provide you with inside information before you enter into a business relation. Please do not hesitate to ask us.


If you are interested in a detailed list of the services we provide in our website you are welcome to click HERE and see it for yourself !


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