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Cast bronzes of 7kg &ndash 12 tons. Specialised in church bells and chandeleers. Mastered the old craftmanship.

Copper Alloy Extrusions

Manufacturer of Copper Alloy Extrusions.CUPRALSA is a metallurgical company based in Peru. Its main activity is to transform non-ferrous metals into semi-finished products of copper and its alloys by using high quality raw materials: Copper Zinc Tin…

Bi-metallic castings

Duduoğlu is a modern casting factory located in Turkey specialized in Bi-metallic castings. Since 1987 with a strong technical team this company produces a range of products which starts from standard wear to impact resistant castings. Bi-metalic…

Continuous cast copper alloys

Rapsri is an Indian copper and copper alloy foundry which produces a large variety of machined castings using a wide range of casting processes and producing comprehensive variation of alloys. The company produces self lubricating bronze bushings…