They are a skilled manufacturer of cold forged and extruded components as well as machined and sheet metal components for automotive and various engineering industries. Using the latest CNC machining techniques ensures a high-quality result. Case studies: The latest engineering processes are applied they are specialists in thread rolling with vertical and horizontal presses. Thanks to their high rate of production cold forging is cost effective with little material wastage making it ideal for long production runs.

A customer demand oriented manufacturer with the flexibility to run small and large series. Aswin has the ability to create dedicated lines for medium to large volumes. Amortization of tool or die cost in the offered prices if tool design and manufacturing is included. Realistic short lead times for development. Continuous improvement activities to ensure the cost stability. Mastering cold forging like Aswin Cold Forge does brings the customer many price and quality advantages. In practical use such products prove their superiority.

Certifications: ISO9001:2008 – TS16949.


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CHENNAI, TN 600098 India

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