Bhastrik mechanical labs – metallic bellowsThe company is a specialist in all types of metallic bellows: toroidal convoluted mandrel formed hydro formed and edge welded diaphragm with micro plasma process. These bellows can be used in many applications like instruments valves load cells and aerospace in a variety of nickel alloys. Bhastrik Mechanical Labs is also very experienced in bellow making in different exotic material forms and with various in-house processes. Hydroforming deep drawing and welding of ultra-thin metals with laser beam micro plasma and TIG are their specialties as well as diaphragm bellow production. Helium Leak Testing is one of their regular quality testing methods. They are following EJMA standards. Certifications: ISO9001:2008 – AS9100 Highlights The company is highly customer-focused in order to contribute to the success of their customers around the globe. Bhastrik Mechanical Labs always tries to understand their customers so as to give the best solutions to them thanks to the company&aposs experience in metallic bellows making especially edge-welded. This company is growing and improving fast while staying focused to the demands of their clients. They always adapt and enhance their technical competencies and their quality of work to the different applications in order to provide the most suitable products.

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