Metal castings – MafoderMetal castings specialist from Morocco. With thirty years of development Mafoder has created a wide pallet of foundry products. Up to 5 Tonnes they cast high Chromium and Ductile iron also manganese and austenitic steels. Within the group there is a division for urban and street furniture. Other related casting and design activities are also performed. Certifications: ISO9001:2008” HighlightsHistorically the foundry is the core business of the group. They offer a comprehensive range of metallurgical high chromium cast iron ductile iron manganese steels and austenitic steels. The foundry division is operated very efficiently nowadays within the group the management has ventured into different related activities. The TUV quality certificate is leading to strict process control and gives respect to commitments and terms of the delivery time quality and price.


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Casablanca, 20000 Morocco

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